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On the 23rd of December, 2014
Andrew Blakeman Miller & Hannah Marie Long
eloped in Tucson, AZ.



In late August, on a family vacation to Oahu, Hannah and Andrew decided to take themselves off the market. The Long family attempted to show Andrew everything they experienced in their ten years of living there. Somewhere along the way, Andrew decided he wanted to be a part of the family. A mai tai, a talk with ‘Longo’, and a few less intimidating adventures later he took Hannah to Sandy’s Beach for sunrise and proposed.



Across the country born and raised Hannah and Andrew wanted to fly away, taking all of you with them for one amazing day. In the end, nothing is ever as simple as the fairytales. So short and sweet and very small we met this Christmas to have it all. One thing was missing and that was you! Lots of questions, I’m sure there are… but most importantly lets be clear, we love you through and through.

New Zealand


One ring to rule them all—If they haven't already told you enough, Hannah and Andrew love all things Tolkien. In Summer 2015, the newly-weds will "fly you fools" to the land of Middle-Earth. "One does not simply walk into Mordor"—so check back in June for photos from our adventure.